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27 Best Franchise Opportunities in America for Less than $10,000

Franchising is an excellent way to start a business. Owning a franchise business has many advantages, including independence, training, support, and financial security.

Franchises also have a higher success rate than startups. A franchise does not require a large investment. In fact, several low-cost franchises don’t require a hefty investment.

We share 15 low-cost, high-demand franchise opportunities. These franchises below 10K allow you to easily join profitable brands in retail, food, finance and travel.

Let’s look at some affordable franchises that can help you start your company. They are also among the most profitable franchises.

Top Supply and Retail Franchises Below $10K

The success rate of supply and retail franchises is excellent. This vast industry includes home improvements, fashion and entertainment, as well as pet food. You can put your future in motion.

1. Winzer

Winzer supplies over one million products to the automotive, industrial and fleet markets.

Franchise benefits include access to marketing tools, training, demonstration activities, sales support, as well as free access to numerous distribution centers that are always ready to deliver supplies across the United States.

Winzer does not dictate how your business operates, nor what products or prices you can charge. Even sourcing products from other countries is possible. You can also source your products from other countries.

Cash Requirements

Winzer will require a $3,500 initial fee. You can also start the franchise with up to $2,500 working capital. The investment required ranges from $5,950 up to $16,150.

Other Details

  • 14% royalty fee
  • 287 Locations in The USA
  • 5-year contract period

2. Keep Your Vending Safe

Stay Safe Vending is a great new franchise that requires less than 10k investment. There is no shortage of demand for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and new variations are expected to increase it.

This franchise concept, which is relatively new, has great potential for growth. These machines sell PPEs such as gloves, hand sanitizers and masks.

PPE products can be purchased by customers without the need to wait at the checkout line or interact with a cashier.

The vending machine can be placed anywhere you like, and stock it so that you make a profit.

Cash Requirements

You will need at least $10K to start your vending machine.

Other Details

  • Total investment: $10,000 – $50,000
  • Support for credit card built-in
  • Design with COVID19 considerations

Food & Beverage Franchises

Food services are in high demand. Many F & B Franchises have low franchise fees. You can therefore easily enter the food and beverage industry without any experience, and grow your business.

1. Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Krispy Krunchy Chicken (or KKC) has been one the fastest-growing QSR concepts in the region since 1989. They have seen tremendous growth due to their innovative restaurant design.

KKC currently has more than 2,600 franchises in 47 US states and around the world. You can be sure of success with a franchise that is backed by the fastest-growing brand in the world.

Cash Requirements:

The initial $2,500 franchise fee can be paid to start a KKC franchise. You can get the following for a $10K investment:

  • Training and retraining on-site.
  • Set up supply chain
  • Marketing and operation assistance
  • Regular supply of new products

2. Java Dave’s Coffee

Gourmet coffee is highly sought after by professional offices. You too can take advantage of this demand. Java Dave’s Coffee House is a well-respected company with over 40 years of experience in the beverage industry. They offer mochas, cappuccinos, lattes and cocas.

Cash Requirements

Java Dave’s Coffee House offers three types of licenses. These include:

Category 1

 License Package C requires an initial licensing cost of $499.95. This category includes a training manual and license kit. It also contains recipes, a logo, and a guide to Java Dave’s coffee beans.


License Package B is $2,459, and includes all the above, a menu board and some Java Dave’s products valued at $1,000

Category 3 

License Package A, which costs $3,495, is the most expensive and includes all the above plus a day of training from Java Dave’s trainer.

Top Travel and Vacation Franchises Below 10K

Franchises for holiday and travel have been an attractive option. More people are willing to travel, with COVID restrictions being relaxed and borders opening up.

These franchisers offer decent discounts, too. These franchise opportunities are a great option if you’re looking to get into the holiday and travel industry, and have the patience to wait for a boom.

1. Cruise One Dream Vacation

CruiseOne, Inc was established in 1992 and offers franchises to businesses that sell vacation packages, cruises, or travel products/services according to their proprietary system.

Their headquarters is located in Ft. Lauderdale. However, they operate throughout the country under the “CruiseOne”, “Deram Vacations” service marks.

There are 1,485 CruiseOne and 1,270 Dream Vacations franchises in all 50 states. You must work with clients to plan vacations as a franchisee.

To make the vacation a success, you will need to communicate with hotels, airlines, cruise ships, and other tourist venues. CruiseOne is a great option for those who don’t wish to open a franchise.

Cash Requirements

CruiseOne requires a $3,500 initial franchise fee and $500-$2,500 working capital. You can invest anywhere from $1,795 up to $20,300 depending on the package you choose.

Other Details

  • Royalty Fee: 6% for Dream Vacations, 3% for Cruise One
  • Contract term: 5 Years
  • Training, support and marketing: 6 days.

2. Cruise Planners

Since 1996, Cruise Planners has been franchising. For sixteen consecutive years, they have been awarded the Entrepreneur Magazine’s number one home-based travel franchise award.

You can make money helping clients plan their vacations. You also have the support and leverage of America’s largest travel advisor network in case something goes wrong.

Cash Requirements

To buy a Cruise Planners franchise, you need at least $10.995 in liquid capital. The franchise fee ranges from $695 to $10.995 for military veterans and a $3000 discount for civilians. Expect to invest between $2,295 and $23,617 as a franchisee.

Other Details

  • Royalty Fee: 3 %
  • Contract Period: 3 years
  • Support: Hands-on training, marketing support, access to lead generation tools and professional coaching.

Top Fitness Franchises Below $10K

Franchising opportunities are also available in the fitness industry. The fitness industry offers a wide range of opportunities. There are three major divisions: fitness centers, weight loss centers, and health clubs. They often bleed into each other. These franchises are affordable and can help you keep healthy and strong.

1. Moms on the Run

Moms on the Run was founded in Forest lake, Minnesota in 2008. It started as a group exercise program for moms but now offers many programs for women of all ages.

Entrepreneur Magazine has named the brand on its Top 100 Franchises for Less Than $50,000 List for three consecutive years.

It currently has more than 50 franchises across the US. It offers one of the most affordable fitness franchising opportunities, starting at $10,000.

Cash Required

Moms on the Run charges a $4,950 initial fee and you can invest $6,170 up to $13,505.

Additional Details

  • Referral Bonus: $1000
  • Contract Period: 6 months to 2 Years
  • Locations: 50+
  • Assistance: 6 hours of classroom training, regular meetings and conventions, access software, marketing support

2. MOMLETA/Baby Boot Camp

Momleta is a pre- and post-natal fitness program. It provides comprehensive training (such Baby Boot Camp) for stroller fitness, wellness and community for new mothers.

It has 86 franchises in the US, Australia and Canada. Momleta is a great option for those who are interested in fitness and want to support new mothers.

Cash Requirements

An investment of between $3,500 and $8,700 is required to open a MOMLETA Franchise. MOMLETA charges an initial fee between $4,000 and $7,000 to grant you the right to operate your business under the MOMLETA name.

Other Details

  • Contract term: 3 Years
  • Localities: 86 (as at now).
  • Support: Turnkey operations, coaching sessions, custom-business center

3. Fit4Mom

Fit4Mom, another brand, offers entrepreneurs the chance to make a significant impact on their small businesses.

Entrepreneur Magazine’s fastest growing franchise in 2019 offers a variety of health and wellness programs to mothers at all stages.

Fit4Mom is not only a brand, but also a community of over 1,000 partners.

Cash Requirements

Fit4Mom offers an initial franchise fee up to $12,000. It also has a range of initial investments between $6,900 and $26,400.

Other Details

  • Royalty Fee: 4%
  • Contract term: 3 Years
  • Locations: 294+
  • Support: 10 hours in the classroom, 25 hours on-the-job training, and marketing & tech support.

4. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is a great place to start your own business if you’re a certified fitness instructor. Jazzercise offers classes that combine jazz dancing and an aerobic workout.

The company has more than 8,460 franchises around the world. It was founded in 1980. The company also owns the “Jazzercise Apparel”, which distributes apparel, accessories, and equipment.

After completing your initial training, you will be able to audition to become a Jazzercise instructor or business owner.

Cash Requirements

Jazzercise charges an initial fee of $1250 and allows you to start your own small business for a total of $2,415 to $4,200.

Other Details

  • Small business owners pay a 20% royalty fee
  • Locations in 49 States: 6,256
  • Contract term: 5 Years
  • Support: The company offers online training, sales support and athletic wear & apparel discount. They also offer free access to many online resources.

Top Finance Franchises Under $10K

The finance franchises offer a wide range of services. These services include financial consulting, lending management, brokerage, insurance and wealth management, billing, ATMs and many more.

1. Ameriprise Financial

Everyone is worried about their finances in these uncertain times. Ameriprise Financial franchises you with the ability to offer financial advice, brokerage services, and consulting services.

To help people manage their finances, you can also access securities and insurance products. To become a franchisee, you will need to have financial planning experience and qualifications.

Cash Requirements

Ameriprise Financial charges an initial fee of $1500, and offers a range of investments from $10,432 up to $114,480.

Other Details

  • Association fee: $290/month
  • Locations: 4500+
  • Contract Period: 3 Years
  • Financial support for pro-active acquisition, mentoring, training, and certification.

2. Advisory Capital Brokerage

If you’re interested in commercial capital brokerage, Advisory Capital Brokerage is a great opportunity. You can take several online courses to become a commercial capital broker.

After you have completed your certification, they will assist you with starting your business. This includes everything from getting your initial business card to generating your first 250 leads.

You will learn how to help clients with over 100 financial options, 50+ financing types and more than 6000 financing scenarios.

They offer three franchise options, but the Entrepreneur package is best suited for beginners.

Cash Requirements

The Entrepreneur package comes with a $9,995 initial franchise fee and an investment range of $9.995 to $34,995.

Other Details

  • Locations: 173
  • Entrepreneur Package Support: 3 day broker training course, proprietary Software, course manual, ongoing content management, access 250 Business Cards with permission for “subsidiary” annotation.

Top Cleaning & Janitorial Franchises Below $10K

Cleaning and janitorial franchises are not glamorous ventures. It is a great way for aspiring entrepreneurs to get into a promising industry.

According to Bureau of Labor statistics, the industry will grow by 7 percent between 2017 and 2018. The Bureau of Labor’s statistics show that the industry is expected to grow by 7 percent until 2018.

1. Jan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting

Jan-Pro is the premier commercial janitorial service provider in the world.

Over the past 25 year, their proprietary cleaning systems such as EnviroShiled or MedMetrix have made them industry leaders.

There are three types of franchise opportunities

  • The first is international master franchise, the second is executive and the third is home-based.
  • This category has the lowest rates and requires no experience.
  • Remote management is possible if you wish.

Cash Requirements

Jani Pro charges an initial fee between $1,000 and $20,000 depending on which type of franchise you choose. Its estimated total investment is also between $1,000 and $786,000.

Other Details

  • Royalty Fee: 10% + 1 % Ad Royalty
  • Locations: 10,000+
  • Contract Period: 10 years
  • Support: Classroom & on-the-job training, customer support, marketing support and newsletters.

2. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Vanguard Cleaning Systems provides basic and special cleaning services for commercial buildings throughout North America.

They offer carpet cleaning and floor care. They also offer janitorial supplies and cleaning equipment as well as paper products. This brand is distinguished by its green business model.

To ensure that their products and services are carbon-neutral, they use eco-friendly cleaning agents.

Cash Requirements

An initial fee of up $5,000 can be paid to obtain your license. The initial investment for the whole business is between $5,500 and $36,600.

Other Details

  • Royalty Fee: 11.5%
  • Locations: 2500+
  • Support: 8 hours of customer support and 12 hours of on-job training. Additional training can be provided at regional offices. Marketing support and online support are also available.

3. OpenWorks

OpenWorks is another company which makes it easy to get into the commercial cleaning industry. OpenWorks provides all the equipment and customers needed to launch your business.

OpenWorks allows you to take your business with you when you move. They are flexible and will adapt to your business’s changing needs and goals.

They manage billing and customer support so you can focus on what is most important, which is growing your business.

Cash Requirements

Franchise license fees are $18,500. However, you can start your franchise with just $9,000 downpayment. The total investment required is between $18,500 and $72,000.

Other Details

  • 10% Royalty Fee
  • More than 700 locations around the globe
  • OpenWorks provides support for commercial cleaning, initial equipment packages, billing and customer service.

4. POOP 911

Poop 911 is there to help in an emergency situation. Poop 911 provides poop-scooping service for dog owners, breeders, kennels, and all other organizations that deal with dog droppings regularly.

They don’t charge any license fees or up-front costs. This makes them stand out. Start your poop scooping business today and Poop 911 will assist you with all aspects of the back-end.

Customers can also access the company’s website to get a quote, order, and pay information.

Cash Requirements

There is no initial fee for the franchise, but you will need to invest between $3,620 and $25,970 in order to open it.

Other Details

  • Royalty: 23%
  • Contract Period: 5 Years
  • Locations: 64
  • Support: Online training, accounting and billing support

5. Buildingstars

Buildingstars offers another cheap franchise opportunity in the commercial cleaning industry since 2000. They specialize in cleaning office and commercial buildings.

Buildingstars is a leader in medical and surgical facility cleaning. Their services include green cleaning, nightly cleaning, window cleaning, and floor care.

The unique 3-stage business model guides franchise owners through each milestone.

Cash Requirements

Buildingstars franchises can be started for as low $995. The total investment range is between $2,245 and $8,295.

Other Details

  • Royalty: 10%
  • Locations: 703
  • Contract term: 1-5 years
  • Marketing and advertising support, classroom and on-the-job training, as well as a development coach to help you reach your goals.

Top Digital Marketing Franchises Under 10K USD

Digital marketing has been a major player in marketing since the 1990s. Digital ads account for approximately 41% of total advertising spend in businesses today.

They are worth $72 billion. If you are passionate about working at home, then consider the following franchises.

1. Eazi-Apps

Eazi Apps is a drag-and-drop platform that allows you to create mobile apps. Working remotely allows you to design and build mobile apps for local and international businesses.

You don’t need to code anything. To create apps for clients, you can easily set features, add content, and identify your brand.

Eazi-Apps allows you to not only make money from the creation of apps but also receive a repeat fee for keeping them up-to-date.

Eazi Apps offers similar franchising options for websites (Eazi Sites) or SEO (Eazi -SEO).

Cash Requirements

You will need to pay the initial franchise fee, which is $9,995. Eazi Apps charges $13.95 per month for an additional app.

Other Details

  • Locations: 300 Partners in More Than 30 Countries
  • Support: Mentorship, online training, support, mentoring, free access educational material, business cards and free access proprietary software for account management

2. Social Owl

Social Owl is a great place to work with local clients on social media marketing. Social Owl is a plug and play franchise. This allows you to start your own social media marketing agency.

All the tools you need to sell SMM services to local businesses are included. These include online marketing and reputation monitoring.

They also offer deals & analytics. For $50, you can also resell Social Owl software to other people and earn extra cash.

Cash Requirements

There is no franchise fee. However, the initial month’s cost will be $149. The reseller fee for Social Owl software starts at $1.25 per client.

Other Details

  • Contract Period: 1 Month
  • Locate locations online
  • Support: Custom website, technical training and sales & marketing coaching, content library, prospecting tools, assessment forms, templates

Alternative to Franchises

Franchising is a costly venture. Consider other options to grow your brand if this is the case. Let’s take a look at other options for business expansion.

Local Business Purchaseout

Advantages : All business plans and procedures are in place, cash flow is immediate, financial history can be accessed, inventory can be acquired, established market.

Disadvantages : This may involve significant improvements, large upfront investments, low morale among staff, and external factors such as increasing competition.

Joint Ventures

Advantages : Synergy between business skills, fewer regulatory demands to deal with. Greater flexibility and control. Joint liability.

Disadvantages: Moderate capital outlay, the immediate impact of financial failure, and local and state-level regulation,

Dealership or Distributorship

Advantages : Low capital outlay, higher market penetration, potential sharing ad costs and minimal financial consequences of failure

Disadvantages: Limited business control, monitoring issues and contract termination issues.

Bottom Line

Franchising is like any other business venture. It requires more than an initial investment. Renting space, buying inventory, and hiring staff are all important considerations.

These franchises below 10K USD allow you to start small but grow your business. These picks should help you select the right franchise.

These companies not only have a great reputation but also offer training, market assistance, billing support, and many other services to help you start your business.

As long as you avoid common franchise mistakes you will be able grow your business. Good luck!