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It seems like a never-ending task. There is a lot of laundries to do. This includes washing dishes multiple times per week and loading the dishwasher.

It seems like we are wasting less time due to more automation, more gadgets, and more machines that can help us complete our chores more efficiently and quickly

We are more likely to spend our time eating out, taking care of our health, and spending time with our loved one

It doesn’t make sense!

Our home is where we spend most of our time. Home decor is a reflection of what’s going on in our lives.

These top tips will save you time and help improve the quality and decor of your home.

Rule Number 1.

Don’t leave your room without a bag!

This simple step will make a big difference in your life. Do this instead of waiting until the week is over, which will leave you feeling like a dog trying to pack everything and clean it all in one afternoon.

Every time you exit a room, take a look around. Is there anything that you don’t like? A dirty cup can go in the dishwasher. Or a hoodie that was casually tossed on top of a chair in your closet.

Keep them with you until you’re done.

This amazing rule makes it much simpler and faster to clean your house each week.

Rule Number 2.

Five Minute Tidy. You are waiting for something to boil, for the microwave to turn on, and then for the oven to heat up. Don’t get stuck in this waiting phase.

You have 5 minutes to tidy up. This will help you lose weight and speed up your metabolism. It will help you keep on top of the mundane tasks that you do every day.

Rule Number 3.

Need a lift in the mood? Make your home a sanctuary for happiness by surrounding yourself with plants.

Plants can help improve your mood and make you feel happier. An earlier study showed that even potting soil has anti-depressant properties. This is due to the endorphins in it. Indoor horticulture can help improve your health and the quality of indoor air. This is something we could all benefit from, especially with the ongoing pandemic.

Although many people have focused their attention on their gardens during stay-cations and lockdowns, it is important to remember our indoor jungle.

Rule Number 4. Declutter

Decluttering can have many benefits, including better sleep and less anxiety.

The “cantaloupe rules” help you make sure that your home isn’t cluttered with unnecessary items.

The interior rule says that trinkets should not be smaller than cantaloupe melon melons.

This brings us to Rule Number 5.

Time. Position a clock in every room. This not only makes your home more modern but also helps you and your family stay on schedule.

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed each morning? You don’t want to have to rush to get to work on time.

These clocks are great for getting your kids ready for school or scheduling a taxi to pick them up at the right hour to take them to their holiday destination.

Rule number 6 Feng Shui your space!

Feng Shui is a way to bring happiness into your home. It involves repositioning your sofa or placing fresh flowers down the hall.

Rule Number 7. Rule Number 7.

Create a peaceful and serene space in your home.

Decorate this area with interior touches that make you smile such as a blanket or cushion. Keep your favorite items for well-being close by, such as a book, a mat, or a playlist.

Rule Number 8. Rule Number 8.

Natural light can help us focus better, sleep quality, and moods. Lighter colors are best. Keep your curtains closed. Mirrors can reflect light into the room.

You can relax your mind and body in the evening with low lighting. You should keep your bedroom free of blue light tech and screens.

Rule No. 9. Eating Out is Possible.

Now is a great time for a home renovation.

What can you do to make your dining room look more expensive and more cost-effective?

This is the last Rule. Number 10!

Charity. Add one item each week to a stylish cloth box. This rule can be applied to items that have been collecting dust, a hula hopper you haven’t used in a while or trousers you don’t like.

Your collection will be ready for you when your local charity drops off the bag in your mailbox.