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How Drugs are Smuggled into Thirteen Countrie

This article details 13 ways drugs have been smuggled into countries. There are many different types of drugs in the world. Each has its own strengths and effects.

There are three main categories of drugs. These depend on how they affect the body and what legal consequences they could have if caught.

The maximum penalty for Class A drugs like cocaine is the harshest and most dangerous. Class B drugs, such as cannabis, are less potent and can be sentenced for a shorter time.

All Class C drugs include prescription tranquilizers and steroids such as Diazepam.

As the law becomes more strict, smugglers find new ways to cross borders. Authorities have intercepted illegal drugs being transported by fruit shipments and submarines.

They also discovered doughnuts and other unusual items. Here are 13 ways drugs were smuggled into countries.

1. Disguised as Vegetables and Fruit

Coconuts, limes and bananas. If the fruit can be opened, smugglers might attempt to smuggle drugs.

Sometimes real fruit is used. The South Texas marijuana smugglers found 2,500 pounds of marijuana stuffed in carrots.

To conceal large quantities of drugs, drug smugglers could have used fake watermelon to disguise their shipment in other cases.

These methods are frequently detected by drug detector dogs and x-ray machines.

2. Secret compartments in Cars and Other Vehicles

For years, smugglers have used vehicles to transport illegal drugs across international borders. Any suspicious vans, lorries, or vehicles will likely be searched.

A secret compartment can be installed in your vehicle to reduce the chance of drugs being found. These drugs can be hidden in or disguised within the engine.

These hidden places require a blow torch to reach them.

3. Hidden in the Smugglers Shoe

It is common to smuggle illegal drugs through the sole of a shoe. While being transported through airports and other modes of transportation, illegal substances can be concealed in the soles of shoes.

Even though the area is tiny, it’s possible to sneak drugs into shoes. Most offenders are arrested once they have passed security.

4. Inside Sculptures

Replicas of famous statues and deceptive garden sculptures were used to move drugs around the world. These statues are not like fruits or shoes and can be broken down when needed.

This is why it is believed that they are more protected. After finding anomalies in the interior structure of statues, xray machines alerted them to this type of smuggling.

5. Dress like a Nun

Another way to stop smuggling involves relying heavily on public opinion regarding nuns. These are people who strongly believe God and are forbidden from engaging in illegal activities.

They would pretend to be nuns and carry drugs around, continuing their long-standing habit. They would try to board a plane and cross borders in the hope that they wouldn’t be searched.

6. Tunnels

Tunnels are one of most interesting methods to smuggle drugs. Tunnels can be used for illegal substance transport between countries without fear of discovery.

These tunnels can accommodate trains and can be equipped with electric lights.

Border patrols can fill tunnels with cement to stop the flow of any more substances, just like in Mexico.

7. Donuts topped in Cocaine

In a bizarre case, some smugglers used doughnuts to cross border borders with cocaine. They were made from real doughnuts, but instead of coating them in powdered sugar, they were coated with cocaine.

This was shown on San Andres Island in Colombia. Only 12 doughnuts contained more than 2.2 pounds of cocaine.

8. Frozen Sharks, Dead Fish Inside

In an effort to avoid detection, smugglers have been known to stuff dead animals’ bodies with bags of narcotics.

They believed inspectors would be distracted and not pay attention because of the strong smell.

9. Submarines made at home

To transport drugs across oceans, smugglers have to build submarines on the coast. This is an extremely dangerous way to smuggle drugs.

Although these submarines will likely cost hundreds of thousands of US dollars, it is well worth it if just a few packages make the crossing.

10. In a Puzzle Box

Sometimes, smugglers will use puzzles or children’s games as a way to cross borders.
It is a unique way to smuggle drugs by mixing pills like ecstasy and puzzle pieces.

Although the puzzle’s simple appearance and rattle might conceal the drug, a simple inspection by a dog or xray machine of the box would identify it.

11. Drones

Drones are more prevalent than ever so it is only natural for smugglers to try and use this technology to illegally transport drugs across borders.

There is a limit on the amount of drones that can be held, but many were found to have been laden with meth.

12. Catapults

The catapult is one of the most unique methods of drug smuggling we know. You can use catapults to transport large quantities of drugs across borderlands that are closed by walls and fences.

Large quantities of drugs can be thrown up to 100m. Smugglers simply need someone to transport the package from one side to the other.

13. Breast Implants

Drug mules are people who are paid to move drugs across international borders. Drug mules can conceal drugs in bags and clothing, or even swallow condoms or balloons containing illegal substances.

Many young women were persuaded by breast implants containing liquid cocaine to cross the border unnoticed.

Which of these methods of drug smuggling did you find most shocking?

It is clear that people have many different methods of smuggling drugs into other countries. Anyone who uses illegal drugs can suffer serious consequences.

These drugs can lead to brain damage, strokes, financial stress, brain damage, and even the death of loved ones.

Someone you know could be suffering from drug-related issues. Seek professional help from your doctor or therapist, as well as a charity. Call the Frank drug helpline 0300 123 6600 for more information.

This article is intended to be informational only. This article should not be considered to replace advice from a lawyer or doctor.

Consult a professional if you need advice about drug use and smuggling. We are not responsible for any damage. Information from this website can pose risks and problems.