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How Table Tennis Tables Become a Part of Startup Culture

Golf is still a popular choice for executives. Silicon Valley’s golf scene isn’t about selling instant gratification. Ping pong is a game that replaces golf in tech startups.

It brings a new spirit to the table and a new sense of company. This game, also known as “the brain sport”, offers versatility and social interaction at work and off-duty.

Pingpong in tech is so well-known that business reporters noticed a drop in sales and made headlines. The STIGA table is a table that looks like a mothership.

It’s almost as exciting as winning a new laptop for performance bonuses. This is how pingpong and tech startups are linked.

What is Ping Pong in Tech?

Although ping pong is a common activity among tech startups since the 1990s it wasn’t always the popular game it is today.

In the past, a table was just brought to the break room to provide something to do during breaks between innovating and program development.

Nobody expected ping pong to be the success it has become today. It is now known as a brain sport, stimulating the mind before returning to work after a break or lunch.

This can also be done at work every day, unlike golf that must be planned for weekends or vacation days. Psychologists and human resource specialists had already coined the term “brain sport” in 2011.

This was a that was here to stay. It provided more benefits for tech startups than any other employee program.

The pingpong table and its potential benefits for companies have evolved from a pastime to become a part of a corporate culture.

How Ping Pong Works at Work

Although there are obvious benefits to pingpong at work, there is much more. The pingpong table is a great option for companies looking for an activity all employees could enjoy.

This sport is more versatile than golf because it is not specialized for one athlete. Ping pong is a great way to get your employees involved in company activities.

They don’t have to be eligible for special benefits or block of vacation time. Anyone can play the equipment, which is very affordable.

This game is also a way to mentally escape from a high-pressure and intense world. In this world, innovation is the king and competition are fierce. Ping pong can help you reach the top of your game.

This ping pong game is great because it is open to all ages and anyone can play. Everyone loves winning and pingpong offers opportunities for tech workers to work in areas they may not otherwise have due to the competition.

Startups are eager to share the benefits of social interaction beyond the tech day. Ping pong is an ideal solution for them because it can be tailored to any person who wants it. Ping pong is a brain sport and that’s not going to change in tech.

Play Ping Pong

A ping-pong table is a great way to bring energy and excitement to your workplace. It can also be used to stimulate productivity and socialize at work.

It is not only a great activity for team building, but also enhances individual games.You won’t regret introducing ping pong to your startup environment.

You will notice a change in the work ethic and morale of your employees almost immediately.

Play ping-pong at your workplace and you will notice a difference in how your day goes. It is possible to start enjoying going to work again. That is good for business.