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How to Get the Bob Badge in FNF RP

It’s the same Friday Night Funk Role Play as it was when it was first created. How can you earn your Bob badge for FNFRP

FNF Realistic Roleplaying combines strategy and role-playing games in a unique way. You can create mods or play as different characters on any map.

By pressing the arrow keys, you can score more points. These keys move along the screen according to the background music. Bob is one of them. The evil god is the other.

How do I get the Bob badge from FNF RP

You will need to win 15 FNF games, complete the Sandbox Training, Collection Quests and then earn the Bob Badge.

To get the Bob Badge, you will need to open Retail Row.

Once you have loaded the game go to the Lobby. Click the Confirm icon.

Follow the steps to get there

The barns are located in the right corner.

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To view the building, turn left at the intersection and take three turns back.

To download the ‘The flower behind that rock on the ground’, you will need to click on the indicator.

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Bob tried to develop android apps but it was a failure.

We’ve thoroughly researched the campaign in order to determine how to attract players. You can meet Bob, the mysterious character that will soon become a villain.

It’s here! FNFRP is now publishing your review. Bob can be played now. But, feel free to watch a few more frozen moments from YouTube.

How do I get the Bob badge from FNF RP

Friday Night Funk Roleplay – How to get the Bob badge for fnf.rp

Friday Night Funkin’ – Boyfriend and Girlfriend participate in rapping and singing competitions.

Roblox’s popular game mod Friday Night Funk lets users create 3D visual projects. The important question is: “How do I get the Bob Badge to FNFRP?”

GrifyHQ has created a roleplaying gaming game that is FNF-based. Adventurers can create characters and alter a map that’s based on FNF. They can also interact in large-scale, cooperative combats with other players.

Now you can earn scores and badges by simply moving your mouse across the screen to match the music. Bob is the evil god and death.

How can I obtain the FNFRP Silver badge? : How do I obtain the bob badge from fnf.rp

Last week was a huge success! Invite your family and friends to the party to listen to music and perform skits.

Find the teleporter in the lobby to your right.

Teleport to Snowdin Map

Looking for the Christmas tree Take a look at the top of the screen.

Move in the direction indicated. Once you have reached the end, there should be no other buildings.

Move to your left, so that sparkles can be seen beneath the ground.

You can instantly be placed in a platforming position by selecting “walk into Teleporter”.

To earn this badge, you need to play the level to reach top and touch the red platform.

Once you have earned your badge, you can return to the lobby by clicking the button at the bottom left.

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You’ll find Badges just before the large doorway that says “teleport”.

To find the last badge, you will need to go to the end.

Click the button to get Silver

The Silver Badge will be presented to you after you have completed your first campaign. FNFRP’s Silver badge requires skill and dedication. These guides can be extremely helpful for beginners.

The most frequently asked questions

1 How can you get the FRIDAYNIGHT ROLEPLAY badge?

The Bob Badge is awarded to high-scoring players. To see all high scores, you must first reach level 5.

2 How do I stay at the top in high-score table?

To stay at the top, you must keep playing and increasing your score. You’ll need to continue playing to earn the badge.

What are some tips for getting a high score in FRIDAY NIGHT FOLK ROLEPLAY?

There are a few ways to score high in FRIDAY NIGHT ROLLEPLAY.
To increase your chances of getting a high score, play as many games you can.

  1. To make sure that you understand the game, you can play it
  2. Receive as many rewards and bonuses as you can
  3. Play with family and friends to see who can get the highest score.


The Bob badge in FRIDAY NIGHT FOLK ROLEPLAY is an important commodity. With persistence and luck, you can add the Bob badge.
Check out the Game Help section for more information. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.
The Bob badge in FRIDAY NIGHT MOLK ROLEPLAY is an important commodity. With perseverance and luck, anyone can earn this item.
We hope that you find this guide helpful.