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IN 2023 The PlayStation VR2 was finally revealed

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 won’t be available until next-year, but the media finally got to see it and touch it after months of anticipation.

Even after only a few hours, the new headset seems to be a significant improvement over the original PSVR. We already know a lot more about the hardware. Let’s get started.

It only takes one USB-C cable for connection to the PS5 (which has a more modern design than the PS5).

For smoother gameplay, the headset features an OLED screen with a 110-degree field, 4K HDR and frame rates of 90Hz to 120Hz.

You won’t need to install external cameras to track your movements unlike its predecessor. Instead, four cameras are built into the display’s front.

The new, orb-shaped PSVR2 Sense controllers, which are similar to the DualSense, have adaptive triggers, haptic feedback and can sense when your finger touches them.

The PlayStation VR2 Headset can be Found on a Table

How does the PSVR2 feel when you play with all its new features? It was an enjoyable experience to use the PSVR2 hardware.

You can adjust the head strap, just like most VR headsets. You can also adjust the inter-pupillary depth (IPD), so the lenses within the headset are at the correct distance.

The screens were great but could feel a bit fuzzy around the edges. This is just like the original PSVR. Sony’s new Sense controllers were a significant step up.

Sony’s Move controllers were used in the first PSVR. You may recall that they looked like weird wands with glowing balls at the ends.

There were a few issues with these controllers. The original Move controller had a Mini USB port to charge, and the original PSVR setup was unable to track the glowing balls.

This made VR less enjoyable. Sony addressed the last issue by switching to Micro USB. Although it wasn’t a significant improvement, it was a welcome change.

However, the Sense controllers look a lot more professional. It was amazing, and this may not surprise anyone who has used DualSense and experienced the great haptics. The touch detection feature was an excellent way to interact in virtual reality worlds.

Not only can you pick up weapons but you can also use your fingers to move more naturally and interact more naturally with objects. Although it wasn’t perfect and it didn’t work in all games, it made the game feel more real.

A person can Hold the left and Right PSVR2 Sense Control Controllers

Here’s what the Sense controllers look like when held in your hand. It was a huge advantage that the PSVR2 could be set up using just one cable.

While the first PSVR required a box and several cables, the PS5 needed only one cable to plug into it. It’s not as good as a headset such as the Meta Quest series, which doesn’t require wires.

Most VR games require that you stop playing at least once a day to avoid headaches. The PSVR 2 had no problems with this. It’s possible to go on for hours without feeling tired.

The games were tested by us. We tried Horizon: Call of the Mountain (a PSVR2-optimized Resident Evil Village), The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 and the newly-announced Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain was the best in technology because it was created from scratch for the PSVR2. It has a fantastic sense of scale.

When a giant mechanical dinosaur walked over my head, it was like I was in a Jurassic Park. It was also fun to rock climb, provided you didn’t look into the holes below.

The new Sense controllers vibrate when you touch it. It feels even more real when you use the Sense controllers to draw your bow or shoot an arrow.

It was amazing to see how much effort went into creating a world that allowed people to interact with one another. You can’t just throw boxes and dishes off a cliff! Yup!

You can take a hammer to hit a gong, even though it doesn’t have anything to do with the story. Yes, also!

This is a screenshot of Horizon Call of the Mountain on the PSVR2. It shows a player holding an arrow and bow.

The other games were also enjoyable. Resident Evil Village was an extremely frightening experience. It is very scary when the dead approach you.

Ethan Winters endures a great deal. In The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2, you can create your own methods for killing walkers.

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Are there any things we don’t yet know? The price was not mentioned at the hands-on event. The PlayStation VR2 headset needs to be priced fairly ( around $400) in order to attract PlayStation gamers to purchase it.

Meta’s high-end Quest headset is currently on its way, and Apple’s long-rumored Reality headset seems to be nearing release.