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The Best Christopher Nolan Movies You Should Not Miss

Christopher Nolan has been called the greatest film director ever. His films leave viewers feeling longing, even if it is just for a moment.

Christopher Nolan should be your go-to director if you like science fiction, psychological and suspenseful films.

These films will require high-speed internet access. You will need high-speed internet to view these films.

The Dark Knight

Christian Bale is Batman in The Dark Knight. He is a strong grip on Gotham City with the help of his friends Lt. Jim Gordon(Gary Oldman), and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart).

Heath Ledger is a young criminal who causes havoc in Gotham City. It’s hard to distinguish between his heroism from vigilantism.

The Dark Knight Rises

After Harvey Dent’s passing, The Dark Knight Rises began. The mysterious disappearances of Batman and Commissioner Gordon mean that they don’t appear again until eight years later.

Batman did not return. Anne Hathaway, a cat burglar, and Tom Hardy, a terrorist Bane, messed things up and forced batman into a losing battle.


Inception is the story of Don Cobb. He’s a thief who has the rare ability to enter other people’s heads and steal their ideas and secrets.

Now he is trying to find his redemption and get his life back. He is now trying to find redemption and get his life back. He has more to do.


Christopher Nolan’s Sci-Fi action movie Tenet is called “Tenet”. It tells the story of a secret CIA operative who uses one word to his advantage to try to end World War III. To accomplish his mission, he must travel across time and defy all laws.


Interstellar shows a future Earth where crop disease and second Dust Bowl will make it uninhabitable.

To save humanity, the brand needs to send Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper (a former NASA pilot), and a team from across the galaxy through the portal.

The Prestige

In this historical drama set in Edwardian London, two competitive magicians who were formerly partners but fell out after one of them pulled off the ultimate magic trick-teleportation-were companions until the sad death of an assistant during a performance.

In a mad dash to find the secret to his routine’s secrets, his adversary engages in dangerous scientific research that threatens the lives and health of all those around him.


Leonard is the main character in Memento Guy Pearce’s film. Leonard is looking for the man who raped and killed his wife.


Insomnia tells the story of a senior detective who is assigned to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. As events escalate, the detective finds himself in a mental game with Robin Williams.


Dunkirk is a movie about the time that Germany invaded France in May 1940.

The troops were trapped on Dunkirk’s beaches by Allied troops. 330,000 French, British, and Belgian soldiers were successfully evacuated.

Final Thoughts

Christopher Nolan’s films should be seen if you are looking for films that are well-written and directed.