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Top 5 EdTech Startups Making Math Less Tough

The online education market grew rapidly in 2021 amid the pandemic.  Last year, venture capital investments in EdTech startups totaled more than $2.1billion.

Research centers estimate that the annual 2019 figure was only $426 million.  Coincidentally most EdTech startups valued at more than $1 billion grew in American and Chinese markets.

Best 5 EdTech Startups

According to Research and Markets’ 2018 study, the AI market for education will grow by approximately 47% annually. Artificial intelligence will be used in many educational applications, including multilingual translators.

The AI market grew 14% in 2021. Gartner predicts that the AI market will grow by 21% in 2022. Let’s look at the top five EdTech math startups.

Course Hero

This site contains a collection of educational resources and literature that can be used to help you learn algebra.

This platform has everything you need: problem guides, textbooks and class notes as well as infographics and step-by-step instructions.

This is in addition to providing great resources for mathematic education. Course Hero also participates in social activities. They have $500,000 set aside for emergency financial assistance for students in need.

They also give $5,000 grants each year to students who are having trouble getting through college. The company has attracted investments in excess of $2.9 billion over its lifetime.

However, due to restrictions in China financin​g has been stopped. At the start of each school year, the platform will actively seek out customers.


Udemy, a startup, focuses on adult education and professional development. They have more than 150,000 video courses online and 40 million students.

Udemy supports teachers and coaches by allowing them upload their lectures and to set their fees. The platform receives a portion of each purchase receipt in return.

This partnership is one way to make the project profitable. Startups aren’t the only relevant learning tools. Many students today need online assistance with their studies.

Many websites offer algebra2 answers and solutions if you need assistance with math or physics.  The majority of college math homework problems are similar. Users can therefore find algebra solutions and answers.

These materials can be used either as a standalone curriculum or as an addition to a textbook. You can increase your productivity by doing homework, assignments, and chapter tests.

To get high grades on your exams, refer to algebra 2 answers. Let’s now take a look at this useful resource for students.


Chinese Internet giant Baidu launched educational startup Zuoyebang in 2015. Later, the project was spun off as a separate entity.

This platform allows students to use artificial intelligence to help them find the best answers to their homework and to work with tutors online.

Despite the tightening regulation in China’s EdTech industry, Zuoyebang has maintained its position in the top three.

Despite the fact that many educational projects have seen their value drop, Zuoyebang’s valuation has not changed since the summer 2021.

The company has attracted over $2.9 billion in investment during its existence. However, due to restrictions in China financing has been stopped.


Yuanfudao, China’s largest EdTech startup, specializes in teaching children. The company was founded in 2015 and has built a large-scale education ecosystem.

It includes geometry lessons and the Xiaoyuan Kousuan mathematics test app, as well as the Zebra AI platform to support preschoolers, and the Yuantiku online testing database.

The rapid growth of Yuanfudao has been greatly affected by the growing demand for online education for children in China. The company received $2.2 Billion in investments just in October 2020.

As with Zuoyebang’s, Yuanfudao’s also has its very own startup strategy. After restrictions on EdTech services were placed, funding was stopped.

The company’s future was in doubt even though authorities relaxed the ban and allowed free classes to be offered. Yuanfudao stated that it would concentrate on corporate training in October 2021.


ByJu’s, an Indian company, has created a similar learning platform. It provides educational materials for both undergraduate and graduate students as well as those who are enrolled in the 12-year K-12 program.
This resource makes math study easier. ByJu’s also developed Early Learn for preschoolers. The app presents all learning material as animated videos. You can prepare for exams.

What’s in Store for Global EdTech in 2022

The upward trend in venture investment in educational useful apps and projects will continue into 2022. This is partly due to China’s low base effect.

Although large EdTech startups might be placed on public markets, they are unlikely be more active than 2020-2021. This sector is seeing too much private venture capital.

Expert advises that you focus on emerging markets in Africa and Asia where there is low penetration of high-quality applied learning.


These are the top startups that make learning math easy. EdTech apps are a hot topic in 2022. They offer quality education and technology products. Let’s find out what new technologies we will see in 2023.