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Why is Dahua Nkb1000 not showing in the Config Tool

Dahua Nkb1000 monitors roads and buildings. This blog post will explain how to enable these features.

What does Dahua Nkb1000 mean?

The Dahua smart home security camera is extremely popular. It has many great features, including night vision, pan and tilt, facial recognition, and night vision.

The Dahua Kb1000 may not display correctly in the Configuration Tool, despite its many advantages. Users might also experience corrupt footage when saving footage to an a.MP4 or when importing footage to another program.

This could be because the camera’s memory is full. In this case, you can delete any recordings or videos from the Camera Memory to confirm.

To reset the Camera’s hardware, first remove all batteries from it and then re-insert them. In the event that the hardware problem persists, call an engineer.

Users can download and if none of these steps resolve the problem.

What’s the Config tool?

DahuaNkb gives network administrators powerful monitoring tools that give real-time insight into their network performance.

To set up Dahua Nkb, you can use the config tool.

All Dahua NKb components can be seen in the first row. The fourth row contains three options. The fifth row has four options: Output file name, Log File Path and Logging level. The seventh row has three options.

To use these options, you will need to

What is the Config tool?

You should be aware of some things when using the Dahua Nkb Configuration Tool. If you use another camera brand, your configuration may not work.

The config tool is not meant to replace the network administrator.

You can adjust most settings using trial and error.

What Are the Different Cameras in the Config Tool?

The Dahua Nkb configuration program supports many types of cameras. There are two types of cameras: those that use CMOS or those that use CCD images.

CMOS cameras produce smaller files than CCD. However, they produce higher-quality images, making them more appealing in some cases.

With the config tool, you can also choose which lens your camera uses. Most Dahua Nkb cameras are between 3.5 to 4.0 in f-number. Some models can however use lenses with an f number of up to 5.6.

How do I proceed if Dahua Nkb1000 has not been listed in the Config tool.

The tool you used to configure your Dahuasecurity cam may not be detecting the issue.

1. Check that your camera is connected to the network. If it isn’t, follow these steps.

2. Next make sure that your computer recognizes your device. If you don’t see a yellow icon with a Dahua symbol next to it, your camera may not have been connected properly.

3. Make sure the Config Tool has been updated. If there are no updates, this tool is designed to configure and manage your Dahua security cameras.


If you are having trouble troubleshooting Dahua Nkb1000, it might be helpful to identify what settings are not being displayed in Config Tool. It could be a problem with your camera’s configuration or the camera itself if you are unable to see certain settings.

To view the Config Tool you need to open the Dahua Nkb1000 web browser and navigate to HTTP ://[IP address]/config tool/.

JavaScript must also be enabled. You must also enable JavaScript in your browser.